North Tulsa Economic  Development Initiative

Rebuilding North Tulsa One Project at a Time


NTEDi members nurtured an idea conceived more than seven (7) years ago by former Mayor Kathy Taylor and citizens in North Tulsa who saw it beneficial to pursue 

works collectively to improve Education, Retail/

Business Development, Housing/

Homeownership, Workforce 

Development and 

Marketing efforts in 

North Tulsa. 


The desire is that north Tulsa is recognized as a premier destination point in the City of Tulsa. Some or current work and involvement is focused on the City of Tulsa 36th Street North Corridor Area Plan; attracting Local Community Investment in north Tulsa; Affordable Care Act Promotion; Support for Aging Community; NTEDi Education Retreat/Symposium; Job Creation and Retention; and Housing Summit. The list above is not all inclusive, but represents initiatives and   projects that are currently underway.


NTEDi continues to represent the community of north Tulsa and Tulsa very well and it remains critical that we continue to do the work necessary to working with our community partners. NTEDi serves as a pathway to revitalization and business/retail development efforts for current and future residents of Tulsa.


Tulsa World Editorial: Vote 'Yes' for TPS

Posted: Tuesday, February 17, 2015 12:00 am

Local business leaders are rallying behind four Tulsa Public Schools bond issues to be put before voters March 3.

Backers rolled out the “Yes for TPS” campaign in support of the $415 million package on Sunday.

It’s not surprising that business leaders would be pushing for the package: They know that a solid public school system is the foundation for local prosperity. It produces the thinkers and the workers of Tulsa’s future.

They also recognize that the school system is a community asset, and every asset must have periodic maintenance.

The bond issues include needed expansions and renovations for TPS buildings, important safety improvements, new buses, and technology improvements.

Some of the highlights include creating a one-to-one ratio between children and computers or tablets; a science, technology, engineering and math research school; renovations to 21 sites; storm shelters for 19 schools; a new school to serve the children of people who live and work downtown; and expansions to get children out of pre-fabricated buildings.

It’s a smart, forward-looking package designed to give the district the facilities it needs to grow and improve.

Here’s another important business-oriented point: This isn’t a tax increase. The bonds should not raise tax rates for any district patrons because the plan is to sell new bonds to replace retiring debt.

We believe the people of Tulsa will agree with the business leaders that the bond package makes sense for our community’s future and will vote “Yes” for TPS.mmunity College - North Campus on November 4, 2014 was a huge success. Keynote Speaker Berthaddeus Bailey shared information about education, that was very useful, insightful and what families needed to hear. Education is the key that unlocks doors/avenues to living an abundant and successful life.