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First Friday Business Gatherings-December 5, 2014

First Friday Business Gatherings – North Tulsa

December 5, 2014

Announcement: Patronize Businesses in North Tulsa and Support Economic Growth!!!

The North Tulsa Economic Development Initiative, Inc. (NTEDi) in collaboration with State Representative Kevin Matthews and City Councilor Henderson are pleased to announce the December First Friday Business Gatherings on December 5, 2014; where we encourage all Tulsans to patronize established businesses in the north Tulsa community. We recognize that a challenge for most businesses is gaining visibility, so during the month of December we have committed to working with various businesses located in north Tulsa increase their visibility.

During the month of December 2014 we will be promoting retail, consignment shops and variety store types businesses. Supporting retail outlets in the north Tulsa benefits the community. The more Sales Tax that is generated in our community supports increased opportunities for economic development and growth.

Please join Dr. Lana Turner-Addison, elected officials and north Tulsa residents as we support investing in the North Tulsa community to build wealth.

Tulsa Community Invitation: Support and take advantage of valuable promotion and offers from featured businesses and other north Tulsa businesses.

Spend your money with a North Tulsa Business this Holiday Season!!!

Make time in your schedules and join us on the FIRST FRIDAY of each month as we focus collectively on spending money in the north Tulsa community. Thank you in advance for spending your money and patronizing businesses in north Tulsa!!!

NTEDi 6th Annual Education Retreat held at Tulsa Community College - North Campus on November 4, 2014 was a huge success. Keynote Speaker Berthaddeus Bailey shared information about education, that was very useful, insightful and what families needed to hear. Education is the key that unlocks doors/avenues to living an abundant and successful life.


NTEDi members nurtured an idea conceived more than seven (7) years ago by former Mayor Kathy Taylor and citizens in North Tulsa who saw it beneficial to pursue 

works collectively to improve Education, Retail/

Business Development, Housing/

Homeownership, Workforce 

Development and 

Marketing efforts in 

North Tulsa.