North Tulsa Economic  Development Initiative

Rebuilding North Tulsa One Project at a Time

NTEDi ASSET News Report

Tulsa MLK Parade January 18, 2021
NTEDi participated in the MLK Tulsa Parade 2021. We where very glad to honor and celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. each year. This year we where also proud to honor Jane Malone, Chamberlain Area Neighbors President and NTEDi Member who served as the Grand Marshall. She is the MLK Commemoration Society Recipient of the 2021 Keeping The Dream Alive award!!!

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NTEDi members nurtured an idea conceived more than twelve (12) years ago in north Tulsa. Former City of Tulsa Mayor Kathy Taylor and north Tulsa residents who saw it beneficial to pursue works collectively to improve Retail/Business Development, Housing/Homeownership, Education,Workforce Development and Marketing efforts in 

North Tulsa.

Black Wall Street and Beyond

NTEDi Education Gathering
"Building Bridges and Empowering Success through Mentorship"

Theme: "Breaking Barriers & Empowering Success through Mentoring? 
 NTEDi serves as a pathway to revitalization and business development efforts for current and future residents of Tulsa. The mission of NTEDi is focused on “Rebuilding North Tulsa One Project at a Time.” This year’s educational events have been about preparing students for greatness! NTEDi objectives are focused on helping students be prepared to excel in life and any chosen field. 
Rebuilding North Tulsa One Project at a Time

The North Tulsa Economic Development Initiative (NTEDi) a nonprofit 501 (C) (3) is organized to provide leadership for the north Tulsa community based on economic development endeavors, and to improve the wellbeing and quality of life for individuals in the community. NTEDi provides a continuous source of vision, inspiration, innovation and constructive influence in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Key projects and the work of NTEDi are focused on Creating, Investing, and Advocating to Build Wealth in the north Tulsa community, as we support businesses in the community. NTEDi is also focused on promoting quality housing and homeownership in north Tulsa. NTEDi continues to work with the Tulsa community, partners and stakeholders to develop, lead and promote the many great assets in north Tulsa, such as: Good Highway access, 36th Street North Corridor Area, Higher Education beyond high school, Close proximity to downtown, Gilcrease Museum, Land available for development, Neighborhood Schools, Shoppes on Peoria, and the Peoria Connection (Corridor).  NTEDi is committed to operating with the highest standard of integrity and serve a as a model for the responsible management and use of human and financial resources.

Did You Know NTEDi Membership Matter?

NTEDi Regular Scheduled Meetings are open to the public. Only members are recognized by the President to speak at meetings and make announcements. However, a request may be granted by president, if non-member made the request 5 days prior to NTEDi Regular Scheduled Meeting. The bylaws nor Robert Rules of Orders extends voting or speaking at meetings privileges to non-members. However, meetings will remain open to public and new attendees may be asked to introduce themselves. For more information, refer to RONR 10th ed. pp. 255, 625. Nonmembers have no rights to the actions taken at meetings (communication shared at NTEDi Meeting June 8, 2015).

NTEDi Back 2 School

We are pleased to share that we were able to provide 143 Headphones and school supplies to families who attended our NTEDi Back to School event held at Pine Premier Child Care on Saturday 8/22/2020. 
For families who attended Saturday 8/29/20, we where able to provide162 Headphones, masks, hand sanitizer and school supplies. 
Special Thank You, to all Volunteers!