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NTEDi Education Gathering 11/1/2016

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The North Tulsa Economic Development Initiative (NTEDi) 8th Annual NTEDi Education Gathering, was held November 1, 2016. The very informative discussion held related to ensuring all students receive a quality education and are well prepared to live a fulfilled life beyond high school.


This year’s educational theme was “The Time is Now! Parent Engagement, Student Accountability & the Future”. The event focused on engaging parents for student success”. Mr. Eddie Taylor, Chief Operating Officer of Circle ET Ranch LLC and McLain Alumni served as the keynote speaker and shared the importance of "Pushing Students to Success."

Ogans Circle Coming Soon

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Capital Homes' latest new home development - Ogans Circle - is a brand new neighborhood situated in the heart of North Tulsa. This quiet, self-contained cul-de-sac will contain 14 new single-family homes and provide high quality, affordable three and four bedroom homes starting in the $140s.

Peoria Bus Rapid Transit

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We hope you had the opportunity to attend the workshops to review and discuss potential routing and station location options. Another series of workshops will be held in early summer 2017 to review and discuss BRT branding, station architecture and amenities. Your input is important.

• Project Area: East 63rd Street north on Peoria Avenue to east 81st Street and Lewis Avenue. BRT stations located approximately every half-mile. See map on adjacent page

• Proposed Work: Enhanced BRT station platforms, shelters and markers

• Funding Source: Improve Our Tulsa (Capital Costs) and Vision Tulsa (Operating Costs)

• Status of Project: Preliminary design phase

• Construction: Spring 2018

• Opening: Spring 2019

For more information visit:

BRT Fact Sheet

NTEDi Housing Initiative

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NTEDi Housing Initiative Building Healthy Communities with the Power of Ownership NTEDi would like to invite you to participate and support the NTEDi Healthy Housing Community Event. The event will be held on October 4, 2016 at the Salvation Army North Mabee Center. The purpose of the event is to support meeting the housing and homeownership needs of families. NTEDi is working with the Tulsa community, partners and stakeholders to bring important housing resource information, housing market information and increased homeownership opportunities to the community.

Highlight from June 13, 2016

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Senator Kevin Matthews shared remarks at the June 13, 2016, NTEDi meeting along with State Senate Candidate: Darrell Knox and State Representative Candidates: Jonathan Townsend, Monroe Nichols, Maria Barnes and Representative Regina Goodwin Each candidate provided remarks related to why they desire to represent the Tulsa community as an elected official and responded to questions.

Sector Plan Meeting Annouced

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North Tulsa Sector Plan Open House Meeting at Rudisill Library Tuesday, July 19, 2016 3:00 pm - 8:00 pm Rudisill Library 1520 North Hartford Ave. ________________________________ DRAFT Neighborhood Sector Plans for North Tulsa and Kendall Whittier Available The City of Tulsa and Tulsa Development Authority are developing North Tulsa and Kendall Whittier Neighborhood Sector Plans. The drafts of these plans are available on the project website Kendall-Whittier Sector Plan Open House Wednesday, July 20, 2016, 3:00 pm - 8:00 p.m., at Pancho Anaya Bakery, 2420 East Admiral Blvd.

North Tulsa Economic Development Initiative Host Education Forum

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Tulsa, OK – The North Tulsa Economic Development Initiative (NTEDi) non-profit organization will be holding their seventh annual NTEDi Education Forum “on November 3, 2015 from 4:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at Tulsa Community College – Northeast Campus, 3757 North Harvard. NTEDi serves as a pathway to revitalization and business development efforts for current and future residents of Tulsa. The mission of NTEDi is focused on “Rebuilding North Tulsa One Project at a Time.”

This year’s educational Forum is about preparing students for the STEMathon and being equipped and succeeding at addressing the challenges that we are faced with in our global society. The Keynote speaker will be Thelma Latimer-Davis who is a Manager Environmental Engineer; she shared that “Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematical (STEM) education begins at birth and its fun. We begin life exploring light, sound, and gravity. As children, we quickly graduate from exploration to creativity and invention. The key is to create a continuum of learning experience and an atmosphere for invention that becomes a natural part of everyday learning. Throughout history vibrant societies have been identified by their knowledge of invention. In contrast, collapsing societies have lacked knowledge. Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematical knowledge belongs to us; so let’s grasp it, enjoy it and receive pay for it!” Ms. Latimer- Davis is a Tulsa native and graduate of Booker T. Washington High School.

Community Representative serving on the panel consists of Kay Porter, Shea Ferrell, and Derrick Gates. Special guests will be Dr. Deborah Gist, Tulsa Public Schools Superintendent, Xan Black Program Director Tulsa Regional STEM Alliance and Gregory Cook, Graduate Student of Oklahoma State University – Center for Health Sciences. Also, in attendance will be families, educators and educational advocates from around the city and state of Oklahoma.

Dr. Pauline Harris, the NTEDi Education Chairperson, stated that the “STEM challenge will open employment opportunities for minorities and women which will continue to deliver technological advances that impact us today and in the future. This year's NTEDi' 7th Annual Education Forum will provide participants information about today’s STEM opportunities for our K-12 students and their parents.

Fifty-four years ago, (May 25, 1961), President John F. Kennedy presented NASA and the nation with a historic challenge: "... I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to the Earth. No single space project in this period will be more impressive to mankind or more important for the long-range exploration of space; and none will be so difficult or expensive to accomplish. To put a man on the moon and return him safely to Earth before the end of the 1960's.”

The Education Forum is Free and open to the public, dinner will be served at no cost. For more information about NTEDi or the Education Forum, call 918-534-6884 or visit the website at



Misrepresentation - NTEDi Involvment

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Misrepresentation NTEDi Involvement - Ongoing communication around naming of the 36th North Corridor.

It is with great consideration for all impacted in the community of Tulsa that we publish this communication:  The NTEDi organization does not desire to be misrepresented; yet, there continues to be some misrepresentation of NTEDi. NTEDi is requesting that individuals(s) and/or organizations refrain from including NTEDi name in communications related to 36th North Corridor naming efforts unrelated to NTEDi. NTEDi is not involved in efforts to rename the 36th North Corridor to Phoenix District. Which NTEDi refers to as the phase 2 process (Naming 36th North Corridor). The phase 2 continue to be pursued by a community representative in the community.

NTEDi has communicated to a large number of individuals that upon completing phase 1; NTEDi work related to Naming 36th North Corridor, was concluded. NTEDi membership was informed that the phase 1 name selected was not available. Therefore, NTED decided not to pursue any Re-Naming efforts of 36th North Corridor. NTEDi had taken a formal vote not to participate in pursuing naming the 36th North Corridor and it passed unanimously.

If in the future we are asking that reference of NTEDi, related to naming 36th North Corridor cease. Please contact an NTEDi Officer if you would like to seek permission to include NTEDi names in issues related to this particular matter.

We are very excited about the opportunities in north Tulsa and NTEDi will continue to remain focused on work related to our priorities and goals. We are even more excited about the volunteerism of our members and the support we continue to receive from partnering agencies.

NTEDi wishes everyone success in endeavors they are taken to benefit the community.

"Rebuilding North Tulsa One Project at a Time"

NTEDi Leadership and Members